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Dear God…

Thank you for Blessing My New Year 2018 and Blessing me with all people and things that are the best for my life and life path and may I be the same for them as well. I love you. I THANK YOU. I Appreciate you. I worship and Adore you. In Jesus Name I pray; As Above So Is Below and So It Is Amen. 

Popcorn My Way The Healthy Clean Eats Version

I make popcorn the old school way. Stove top kernels in a pot with coconut oil instead of butter then place the lid on top. I flavor it with  number of herbs spices seasoning ..cinnamon, black pepper, lemon pepper, etc other times just I just eat it plain the coconut oil gives off a terrific flavor all its own. Makes a great post workout snack paired with a protein source. How do you top your pop 🙂 ?

Stunning Legs and Glute Routine:


Stunning Legs and Glute Routine: Give it all you’ve got;

1 x 50 Walking Lunges

4 x 1 Minute Weighted Jump Squats ss/w

4 x 12 Weighted High Step-ups (use weight that will allow you to perform the movement properly)

1 x 50 Walking Lunges Weighted (use dbs)

4 x 12 Smith Machine Deadlifts (This may need to be performed by standing on a step or bench depending on the smith machine and where the safety stops) (tri-set /with)
4 x 12 Seated Calf Raise
4 x 12 Leg Press

1 x 50 Walking Lunges Weighted (use dbs)

4 x 12 Leg Extensions
4 x 20 Donkey Kickbacks (weighted) – Men this exercise is optional as I know it might seem a little awkward for you 😉

1 x 50 Walking Lunges Weighted (use dbs)

Cool down – Stretch – Enjoy your post workout meal/shake

15 Minute Post Training Cardio (high intensity interval stairmaster or stepper optional)

Summer Chest and Back Routine

For those of you looking for a new Chest/Back Routine for August Give this one a go. Also be sure to like my Official Facebook Page. Image

Abbreviations: ss/w = Superset with the next exercise
DB = Dumbbell BB= Barbell

Warm-up 5 to 10 minutes:
4 x 12 Standing Cable Pullover ss/w
4 x 10 Alternating Push-ups using Bosu
4 x 12 T Bar Row
4 x 10 Pec Dec/ Fly Machine (this is a two in one machine) Superset the exercises
4 x 10 Machine Incline Press (Hammer Strength Free Weight Machine or Similar)
4 x 12 Seated Row (ss/w)
4 x 12 Bench Decline Chest Press

Cool Down Stretch – Enjoy Post Workout Meal / Shake

Optional :
15 -20 Min Cardio Post Training

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Do things right the first time…lessons from Dad

My dad often stressed doing things right the first time. I received an email this morning which made me reflect on that. Which brings me to this point. There are seemingly “easy” ways to get a person to where he or she believes she wants to be physically on the outside steroids, diet pills, extreme fatburners, extreme thermogenics (with additives), etc. 3 hour cardio, extremely low diets and whalaa instant hot bod. All of those things inevitably come at an extremely high price the body becomes taxed which causes havoc and in a sense melt or breakdown people see these ways as a quick fix however what they don’t realize is that yes it is “quick” only “beneficial” for lack of a better word, for a very short time. And will in time tear the body down leaving the person standing there trying to figure out how to repair the damage. Turn back the clock when they should have just been patient and done things correct the first time.

Happy 4th Of July


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What time works out best to workout? My best times.

Getting my workout on a little later today as it is nearly 8a.m. here on the west coast. About to enjoy a delicious cup of green tea, Yohimbine, and off I go. My body is most ready to workout between 4am and 8am , 5:30pm and 7pm, and 10pm to midnight those are times when I have the most energy


for workouts. Any other times to workout OMG seems I have to Really mentally prepare to get into and stay focused. What are your best or favorite times to workout?

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