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Earth Day 2017

What a beautiful day. This was drawn by a local Co-Op artist. She is amazing. Hope your Earth Day was a good one too, wherever you are in the world. 

Our Highest Emotion

More than a selfie…

Bring your photos to life with substance. Give me more than a selfie. Yeah we know you’re pretty and gorgeous or good looking and handsome. But tell me something that will enlighten me about who you are inside. I mean come on in this great big world of ours where God has created rainbows and birds that fly and dolphins that can be taught tricks, …seriously…. are you really not greater than those wonders….come on you’re the greatest wonder. What’s your contribution? Give me more than a selfie. – Alane (Lane) Richards

Human Be-Ing

He reminds me of you. But I know he could never be you. You’re an original, you’re my human, and the only one.  Alane (Lane) Richards


Taking In All I Can From This Human Experiment Called The Human Experience. Living Learning Teaching Loving – Alane Lane

Happy Easter Weekend

A day of reflection. Friday 14 April 2017 Today as I was awakened by the Lord for morning Prayer and reading of the word at 4:07 a.m. I read scripture and then randomly flipped to another scripture in the Bible this is the page that opened. What are the odds this would be the scripture on the very day we observe Jesus crucifixion? I did not seek this scripture. I did not purposefully go to this page. It was absolutely random or so it seemed. God had a hand in choosing this on this day at this time. It was meant to be.  God Bless Everyone. Every Soul.  All My Best, Alane, Amen

First Official Leg Day Since Calf Tear…

Yesterday at Golds Gym I completed my first leg day training since the calf injury on January 3, 2017. Just one day and one month after it happened. Of course I did a warm up, stretching, and preparatory exercises before going into squats, leg press etc;  A cool down and stretches followed after. This morning legs particularly the calf feels great.  A few more sessions of physical therapy to go as I need to master deadlifts and jump training. Not quite ready for plyo at the moment. I am getting there. 
All my best, 


One Year Ago

I had an opportunity to write with and speak to Mrs. Stone by phone. I won’t ever forget our conversation or the love thar radiated long after our conversation was over. She is missed and I have one thing to do before I leave this Earth that she and I spoke of me doing and I want to fulfill that in her honor. Thank you Mrs. Stone. Until we meet again.


Lola Stone left us a year ago today. Deeply spiritual, she considered this the next phase of our journey.

“When I leave this world I believe I will be re-entering the Real World and the Life from which I have been exiled all these long years.

“From here the journey continues until I and each one of us make our way towards the final goal: becoming one with the One Who Is All, the eternal NOW. How short the journey would be if we could remember who we really are.

When I leave,
Don’t weep for me–
I’ll be free!
You’ll find me
Sliding down rainbows,
Coloring the sunrise,
Dancing on the clouds,
Streaking towards the stars.
Sorrow not for me–
I’ll be free!
Lola Stone

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Thank you Lola!

To someone very special who believed in me. You’re in Heaven with you beloved husband, family, and above all our King, Lord and Loving Savior Jesus the Christ and God the Universe and Spirit.  This is for you Mrs. Lola Stone. Thank you.

All my very best, Alane

My List

​My List by #TobyKeith is one of my favorite songs and videos. I love it because it really speaks to the heart and soul about the bottom line and the bottom line is about what matters most.  It is a tear jerker and a feel good video too. I encourage you to watch the video and really listen to the lyrics. When I woke up this morning God spoke to me, Spirit spoke to me, the Universe spoke to me with the lyrics of this song on my mind. When I watched the video I knew why. With all that has been going on this is a thought provoking message to all my The Art Of A Warrior page followers, to the USA, and the World about what really matters. Take time for yourselves and your loved ones. My List by Toby Keith “Under an old brass paper weight is my list of things to do today….go for #walk, say a little #prayer, play some catch, take a deep of mountain air, ….just start living that’s the next thing on my list.” List by Toby Keith Video In Jesus Name Amen

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